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My name is Ben Klein. I am currently studying Computer Science at Machon Lev. Previously, I attended the Davis Renov Stahler(DRS) High school and studied in Yeshivat Hakotel. I was the president of my school's Makerspace club, as well as a member of the DRS Math team and Science Olympiad team. In addition, I ran the DRS Live Broadcasting network. We streamed every hockey and basketball games and produced other content such as highlight videos for viewers. I developed the DRS Live app, which allows you to watch live games, previous games, highlight videos, and receive other information about the teams. I am proficient in app and web development. I have taught myself multiple programming languages including Swift, Java, C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and SQL. During the summer of 2015, I interned for a startup called Picit. During the summer of 2017, I participated in the Cooper Union Summer STEM program, where I learned about digital logic design and electrical engineering by building a physical version of the Google Chrome “Dino” game with my team. During my senior year of highs school I interned for the electrical engineering department at Rosco Vision, a company which partners with Mobileye, engineering and manufacturing visual safety systems for all types of commercial fleet vehicles.


App Development
I am proficient in iOS(Swift) and Android(Java) app development. I have made many apps that have not been published, but my most impressive app is DRS Live, which is on the app store. For that app, and all the others, I do everything starting with the first prototypes of the app with a basic design, to the backend server which stores all the data and metrics for the app.

I'm an expert in broadcasting, especially live streaming of sports games. I know how to set up streaming software with multiple camera angles, audio sources, scoreboards, and other overlays. I have a lot of experience from DRS Live, where we use all of these techniques plus instant replays, and other cool elements to make the broadcast really amazing. This can be used for any event that you want to be live streamed and/or available afterwards to (re)watch, not just sports.

Video Production
I shoot video, and do post-production video editing. For example, I make highlight videos after games are streamed on DRS Live. They include the best plays from each quarter or period, and advanced animations, which add a lot of energy to the videos.

Photography / Videography
I do photography and videography for events and photo shoots. I take these pictures and raw footage, and convert them into edited slideshows or films. 

Web Design
Using HTML, CSS, or programs like WordPress, I can create amazing websites like this one. Every website should be unique, and should make people feel good about what they're looking at. That's what I create.


Just some things I’ve done

DRS Live app

This app allows you to watch live games, previous games, and highlight videos. The app also gives you the ability to view schedules and stats, and receive notifications for each of the teams. Notifications include reminders about upcoming games, updates during games, and results from completed games.

Highlight Videos

I make highlight videos after games are streamed on DRS Live, using Adobe Premiere Pro. They include the best plays from each quarter or period, separated by advanced animation created in Adobe After Effects, and end off with another animation promoting our next game.

DRS Live Broadcasting

I run the DRS Live broadcasting network, which streams virtually every home basketball and hockey game to YouTube, our website, and the app. I organize staff, get equipment, set up audio equipment for announcers, and cameras in a few different angles. I then control the score, camera angle, and time in Wirecast during the game. When goals are scored in hockey, or at the end of quarters in basketball, I send out notifications with updates to all people subscribed to that team in the DRS Live app.

Text Arrange app

With this app, you can create, scramble, and re-order words or sets of words.Once you create a set of terms that you would like to mix up, click continue and you can play the game right on your device. Once you play the game, a unique game identifier will be generated, which you, or anyone else, can enter in on their device to access and re-order that same set of terms! You can use this for anything that involves order, steps, or patterns! The possibilities are endless!
Developed for Stars of Israel Academy


Developed custom Bootstrap website for international learning program which reached over 100,000 viewers. Also coordinated content production and created live streaming network to make content available on multiple platforms.

Prayer Prep app

Prayer prep allows you to use different techniques to better connect to prayer. The app has a complete Siddur, and each Tefillah can be tapped to view detailed explanations and commentaries. There is a notes section which allows you to write down information which is relevant to your Tefillah. In adddition, there are links to a music playlist and a meditation app which can be used to get in the right state of mind for prayer. Finally, there is a link to Zmanim so you can find the correct Halachic times to pray.
Developed for the SKA JUMP team


A collection of photographs I have taken in various categories. These include sports(MYHSAL Varsity Hockey Championship 2017), portaraits, travel, street, still life, etc.

20/20 Magazine

Photo shoot for article in 20/20 magazine about Eyes on Broadway - Hewlett

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